Monday, December 11, 2006

Hi, I'm Socrates. I'm a 4 year old Weimaraner. I didn't come from Illinois Bird Dog Rescue, but mom heard about me from Leanne, she is a member of the rescue . She heard I was to be given away. That is scary to hear, I don't know what I did wrong that my owner didn't want me anymore. But thanks to IBR I have a wonderful family that loves me, other dogs to play with and all the good food, fun, and love a dog can ask for. Make sure you check out the rescues website. There are a lot of wonderful volunteers with great foster dogs waiting for a furever home.

This is me with Peaches and Fala. They are both from IBR. Peaches was here when I came to live here. I wasn't sure what to do when I came here. I was never really inside a house before. Peaches showed me there was nothing to be afraid of. She had toys all over the house I got to play with and she would run around outside, once I figured out what she was doing it was a lot of fun. Now we run around all the time together. Aria, the dalmatian lives here too, but she and I don't really get along to well. She is older and a little crabby sometimes. I try to stay away from her. Fala came here after I did. She and I run in the backyard a lot together and around the house. She likes to steal my toys and hide them in her crate, but I go in there and take them back. We all go to the dog park a lot. She and Peaches run far and then come back. I'm not comfortable doing that. I like to stay close to mom, I don't like when I can't see her. I get nervous.

I love my home! Mom has been very patient with me. When she took me in she didn't know how I used to live. She knew I lived outside and was only allowed in the garage if someone was working in there. I can't tell her about my old life, but she finds out through my actions. I am still afraid of somethings and sometimes that surprise mom, but we work through it together. Mom has gotten some really great ideas from IBR on how to work with me. They have been very helpful. Mom and Allison, with IBR, have said I have come very far. I'm not sure what that means, but I do whatever mom asks me to do. I like to make her happy.

IBR has many events for everyone. There are BBQ's, trips to the dog park, adoption events, hunt testing, annual picnic and many more. Who would have thought a dog like me that was given up on would get so lucky to be part of these events! And part of the IBR family!